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Kimberly Frias

UC Santa Barbara ’16

High School: San Fernando High School, Class of 2012
College: UC, Santa Barbara ‘16
Degree: Communications
Current Position: Beauty Public Relations
After Graduation: I work in Beauty Public Relations for an agency that represents celebrity makeup artists and hairstylists. I wear many hats in my job but mainly I get to work with every single makeup/hair brand you can think of, I work with print/online magazines, and I get to attend fun events that brands put on for their new launches

Thanks to my college education: UCSB was my 2nd home and thanks to my studying abroad experience, now Italy is my 3rd! I was a live host for their KCSB FM radio Newscast and it was definitely the highlight of my day when I hosted. Nerve-wracking, but exciting nonetheless! I got involved! Don’t be afraid to ask other students or even Professors for help – if there’s a study group, join it! If there’s a club dedicated to your major, join it! I wouldn’t have succeeded the way I did if I didn’t go to tutoring, study group sessions, office hours etc. You shouldn’t be afraid to explore your academic options, same applies for extra-curricular! That’s where you’ll meet a lot of your lifelong friends.