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Jacqueline Pelayo

CSU, Monterrey Bay

High School: Sylmar High School, Class of 2017
Currently Attending: CSU, Monterrey Bay
Majoring: Psychology with a Minor in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures
Aspiring Career: School Psychologist
Extra-Curricular Activities: I am proud to say that I got hired to be a part of a paid internship as a Student Coordinator for a department called The Catalyst Center here at CSUMB. My position enhances social justice and community service giving me the opportunity to work directly with students and the community to create interpersonal relationships. I manage ongoing service opportunities, develop and maintain community partnerships with organizations on campus and local non-profits along with coordinating event logistics. I am excited to grow both professionally and as a member of the community and become more socially aware of problems that occur in the Monterey Bay area as I continue my engagement in the community. I hope that with the experience I get from this internship I get to concentrate more on my career options.

PGLA to me is… a support system that not many students have an opportunity to get. In stepping into the college world and adulthood, this program brightens up a path that was dark for past family generations. This great transition not only benefits students, but also parents who are not aware of possible resources in the children’s success. Speaking as a first-generation college student, PGLA has definitely helped me discover who I am, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and taught me to be a leader through the various program workshops. I now fell more confident that I will finish college and continue to spread the college knowledge and awareness thanks to Project GRAD.