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"The source of America’s prosperity has never been merely how ably we accumulate wealth, but how well we educate our people. This has never been truer than it is today." President Barack Obama

A guiding principle at Project GRAD Los Angeles is that all children deserve access to an enriched, quality education that prepares them to graduate from high school ready for college success.

The challenges facing so many Los Angeles children are significant...

  • Across the country, more than one million high school students drop out every year, one student every 26 seconds.
  • Latinos and African-Americans have only a 50% chance of graduating with their class.
  • Among developed countries, the U.S. now ranks 18th in high school graduation and 12th in college graduation, after having been ranked first only fifteen years ago.

In the Northeast San Fernando Valley, 19% of persons over 25 years old have a high school diploma and just 5% hold a bachelors degree. Without a college degree, our students will face limited job opportunities in a very competitive job market.

Project GRAD is addressing these education disparities and helping children prepare for genuine college success. For many of the 14,000 families Project GRAD helps, the prospect of a college education has not always been perceived as a realistic option. But through our programs and services, Project GRAD is changing this perception and raising aspirations across the community.

The power of education is transformative. Contribute to something that truly changes children’s life paths. Please support Project GRAD Los Angeles with a donation because Graduation Really Achieves Dreams.

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