What Scholars Said About This Summer

Nearly 600 students participated in programming across five different Summer Institutes that combined academic enrichment, college readiness, and good old fashioned summer fun. Here is what students had to say... 

“I loved camping this summer. The way we all really bonded with everybody. We were able to express ourselves really well, even with people we didn’t know before.”  9th grade Project GRAD Scholar


“Sociology the topic was really relevant. It makes you think outside the box.  I would go home and say, ‘Wait, am I doing the right thing here?’ You look at TV differently. You look at the way people talk to you differently.”  9th grade Project GRAD Scholar


“Our class was with San Fernando kids, Sylmar kids, Arleta kids, and a few CCLA kids. And we had Leilani (Advisor) from Sylmar and one from Arleta, and I thought the Arleta one was going to give special treatment to Arleta kids, but it ended up that Miss Delga was one of the coolest ladies ever. She treated all of us so well. I feel like I have a strong bond with her now." 9th grade Project GRAD Scholar 

“I really liked the class. It opened up your eyes to actual problems that are out in the world, instead of just things we’re shown in the media. Like environmental problems, or how women are objectified in the media. You would see it before, but now you understand the actual problems.”
10th grade Project GRAD Scholar

“In my PGLA students, I saw intelligence, imagination, growth and compassion.”  Professor Steve Sherwood, Los Angeles Valley College


“I think for me personally a goal was to have a new way of learning. In regular school, if there was a test, they gave you a study guide and I would just skim through it and then I just take it [the test]. But here, for my class, we had study groups and the ambassadors would help us one on one. The professors would actually ask if you needed help; it’s not the same at my school. So I think the deeper learning was cool.”   11th grade Project GRAD Scholar 

“In high school, they don’t really help you write resumes, or college applications, or scholarships. So it was really nice to focus on those activities here in the Summer Institute. We’ll put those skills to use very soon.”  11th grade Project GRAD Scholar 


“He (Physics professor) made it really fun for us. It wasn’t all just based on notes, like the fact that he did demos, actually made you understand what he was trying to teach."  11th grade Project GRAD Scholar


"I feel like the Residency Institute made me realize that I can be independent. At first, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was scared; I’ve never been away from my parents for this long. This experience made me realize that, yeah, I can be independent. I can manage my time and be more social.  I was open to all sorts of people.”  11th grade Project GRAD Scholar

"Not that I was insecure but I feel more confident now that I can and will succeed in college. Even with the difficulties and whatever that comes.  And I guess because, before whenever I thought of college or university, I felt like I was soaring too high; it was too much. But being here I can see myself doing it."  11th grade Project GRAD Scholar









"This has made me more comfortable with new people. Living in the dorms forces you to communicate with them. Like, one of my roommates - he was a slob. (laughs)  He left his stuff everywhere. I had to tell him, even though I was initially uncomfortable, 'Can you please pick up your stuff?' But that's what college is going to be like.”  11th grade Project GRAD Scholar

“I remember our ambassador told us, ‘Sometimes you’re going to feel out of place, a little homesick, but you’re not alone. You’ll have somebody to help.’ Whether it’s tutors, teachers, you’ll always have somebody that’s willing to help you. Just ask. I will never forget that.”  11th grade Project GRAD Scholar

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