Time Management

Test Your Time Management Skills

You are going to be taking a 6 question quiz. The following information is about the effects of having poor time management. Read it carefully and click the link below to take the quiz and get a chance to win a giftcard. Goodluck!


Procrastination, or avoiding tasks that must be accomplished, is a hallmark of poor time management. About 25 percent of students become chronic procrastinators, the University at Buffalo's counseling office advises.

Declining academic performance is a consequence of poor time management -- such as overly heavy class loads or trying to squeeze in the demands of a job. Failure to maintain a grade point average may trigger placement on academic probation -- which is a warning to improve your performance or risk dismissal from the institution.

Excellent time management skills will allow you to have a well rounded sleeping schedule. An overly programmed schedule may convince you that adequate sleep is a lesser priority, but the opposite is true. Sleep cheats the body, which reduces your brain's ability to process information and fully absorb its meaning.

Failure to establish time-management skills also increases the likelihood you won't complete your college experience. Thirty percent of students drop out after their first year, while half never graduate.

If you don’t organize your workload and set up a prioritized schedule, you will scramble to finish tasks at the last minute. Eventually, you will miss a deadline. Failing to meet expectations is bad for business. If clients can’t count on you, they will take their business elsewhere. If you work for a company, missed deadlines might be cause for firing. To combat this problem, set up a schedule of necessary tasks and stick to it.

Not taking breaks will burn you out. Taking short breaks is not a waste of time but is a good way of recharging your brain to allow you to think more creatively and effectively. Take a 10-minute walk or try meditating to help clear your mind.


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