The College Decision

Pros and Cons of College


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           Having a college degree is crucial to attaining success in the 21st century. Getting a job that pays well with great benefits can depend on getting a higher education degree. Going to college is a great investment that can help students obtain a brighter financial future. On average, the $102,000 investment for a four-year college education returns 15.2% per year. The “good jobs” (i.e. jobs that require a college degree) offer about $53,000 a year or more than jobs that do not require a college degree. Also, people with a higher education obtain 97% of the “good jobs.” The wage gap between college graduates vs. non-college graduates has nearly doubled from 33% in 1980 to 62% in 2013. This statistic continues to grow as the years go by. A typical college student earns $570,000 more than a person with only a high school education in their lifetime. Another reason why students should attend college is because it is an opportunity to be in an environment in which they can find a career that they really enjoy. Going to college gives students the opportunity to be more independent and gain experiences that can help them become more mature and responsible.  They can experience being in new places with people from around the world. Attending college opens the gates to many new opportunities. Why not take the chance and go for it!


            Not all people share the same ideas and experiences. Going to college might not be the path that everyone wants to go through. One of the biggest cons of going to college that students may deal with is student loan debt. Most graduates cannot afford to pay back their multi-grand debts. This can hurt their financial futures, since it can create difficulty in buying a car, a home, or any other big purchase. Another reason why going to college can be seen as a bad option is because it can potentially be a waste of time. For example, someone might want to get a job that does not require a college degree, so going to college may not be seen as a necessity. Even if students go to college there is no guarantee that you are going to get a job in what the majored in. Going to college is a big deal but at the same time it might not be for everyone. There are many things to consider when deciding whether attending college is a good decision. The decision is yours to make!


Consequences of Not Going to College

Advantages of Going to College

Will not have as many job opportunities as a college graduate

A wider range of Job Opportunities

Will (on most occasions) make less money than a college graduate

Higher salary

Will be more inclined to stay home and never leave their parent’s house

Will have the opportunities to dorm and study abroad in various international and national locations.

Will not have the opportunities to explore and discover possible careers and subject areas.

Get to do what you love for a living. Utilize College as a means to find out your passion.

Will take longer to be successful

Immediate Success


Why College presentation

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