The Marymount Residency Program

“I can’t wait to go to college now!"

A sentiment we heard often from the Scholars who had spent their Advanced College Institute living on campus at Marymount College. For those 50 Project GRAD Scholars, it was an unforgettable experience.

Scholars took two college-level courses, requiring rigorous reading and writing assignments. They also attended daily College Success workshops in the afternoons, where they dived deep into the college application process -- completing the “common application”, a UC-/CSU-profile, and writing a first draft of their personal statement.

For Scholars, this was the first time they had ever lived away from home. These action-packed weeks included eye-opening aspects of college life that were new to them. They lived with roommates in the dorms. Scholars ate in the dining hall, sometimes made their own meals, and did laundry. They bonded with fellow Scholars and befriended other students from Italy and Spain also living on the Marymount campus. On one weekend excursion, they went sailing.

At an emotional culmination ceremony, among their parents, mentors, Marymount staff and Project GRAD staff, Scholars spoke of an enhanced sense of maturity, independence and responsibility. College was no longer an abstract notion. They had lived it, even if only for a few weeks, and felt more ready than ever.

Now in its third year, the Residency Program is a collaboration between Marymount College and Project GRAD Los Angeles. The 50 Project GRAD Scholars were selected through a highly competitive process that included a writing sample and an in-person interview.

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