Project GRAD Scholars Take Manhattan

Sixteen intrepid 8th and 9th grade Scholars, along with four Project GRAD Advisors, spent four action-packed days in New York City. For everyone, it was their first visit to New York and for most students, their first air flight. In addition to visiting four colleges and a doing some sight seeing, they braved ten-degree weather, rode the subway everywhere, and even met a tv celebrity.

The four schools Scholars toured were quite different – The New School, New York University, Columbia University, and Stevens Institute of Technology. The trip created an exciting environment for Scholars to explore the possibilities of going to college out of state while thinking about what makes a “good fit” for them personally.

In between college visits, Scholars and Advisors saw iconic sights such as the Statue of Liberty, the Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge. Scholars ended each day with a phone call home to mom and dad.


It wouldn’t be a trip to the Big Apple without some brush with celebrity. After the visit to Stephens College, Scholars were thrilled to run into (and have their picture taken with) the “Cake Boss” himself, baker Buddy Valastro.

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