How to Apply

A-G’S are the first thing you need to know about applying to college. The A-G’S WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED!!


  • A-G’s are a requirement for reaching your high school diploma. They represent subject requirements and certify that students have accumulated enough common knowledge in order to move into more advanced education.

  • You have to fulfill the following requirements in order to get your high school diploma. .  . (next slides)

  • If you surpass the requirements, it makes you more competitive for colleges and universities.


  • The A represents History and social science

  • It requires  TWO YEARS including one year of world history , cultures and historical geography and one year of U.S history or 1 semester of U.S history and 1 semester of American government or civics                                   Image result for social studies


  • The B represents English

  • It requires FOUR YEARS of college preparatory English that practices the reading of classic and modern literature , frequent and regular writing , and the practice of listening and speaking.

CImage result for english

  • The C represents Mathematics

  • It requires THREE YEARS (4 recommended)of college preparatory mathematics such as topics covered in elementary, and advanced algebra and two and three dimensional geometry.

Image result for math


  • The D represents laboratory science

  • It requires TWO YEARS(3 years recommended)of laboratory science in biology, chemistry, and physics

EImage result for laboratory scienceImage result for laboratory science

  • The E represents language other than English known as foreign language

  • It requires TWO YEARS(3 recommended)   of another language that’s not English

Image result for foreign language


  • The F represents visual and performing arts

  • It requires ONE YEAR from either dance, music , theatre, or the visual arts

GImage result for visual and performing arts

  • The G falls under the college preparatory electives

  • You need ONE YEAR  of anything that falls under the elective area


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