One Thing I'm Thankful For

A Guest Post from College Scholar Walter Garcia

Last summer was absolutely amazing. I had the honor of spending it in Washington, D.C., as a part of The White House Internship Program. It was through such an experience that I was able to make unforgettable memories, to establish life-long friendships, and to gain an enormous sense of inspiration.


Walter Garcia, top row second from the left

Since I was an Intern in the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence, my duties were the following: handling and responding to official correspondence on behalf of President Barack Obama, as well as helping to operate the White House Comment Line, which provides the President with feedback from the American people. This work allowed me to better understand that government of the people, by the people, and for the people depends on the informed and active participation of its citizenry.

Fortunately, I worked alongside a group of very talented Interns who came from all across the United States. Much like myself, they were interested in The White House Internship Program because of their commitment to public service, and so, this shared purpose was instrumental in bringing us together. In fact, only a couple of days into the internship, we began to coordinate our lunches, and to hang out after work. Now, I can proudly say that many of my fellow Interns are now good friends of mine.

None of this, however, would have been possible without Project GRAD Los Angeles. You see, Project GRAD went above and beyond to help me to secure housing in Washington D.C., a place known for its high rent prices. Ford Roosevelt, Project GRAD’s President and CEO, put me in touch with Isabel Reiff and Lee Pasarew, who live in our nation’s capital and who ultimately agreed to host me for the summer. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Project GRAD as well as new friends Isabel and Lee.

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