Evaluation Shows Promising Results

Project GRAD is proud to announce very promising results from a recent evaluation.  Data gathered during the 2011-2012 school year showed a strong correlation between the level of advising and programming that middle school students received and their math and English grades.  Project GRAD students had GPAs over 3.0 and high aspirations of obtaining a college and graduate or professional degree, and nearly a quarter improved in English and math throughout the year.  As one student noted, “I saw when I entered the program my grades started to go up because they started to help me.” 

There was also a positive correlation with students’ self-reported assessments of soft skills such as academic efficacy and goal setting.  “We maintain a plan to be the best so I can get into college,” noted another student.  Overall, the hundreds of students surveyed expressed that they enjoy being part of Project GRAD and reported positive relationships with advisors and tutors.  The evaluation was conducted by Tiffany Berry, Ph.D., a Research Associate Professor in the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University, and her team, Shelly Sloper and Samantha Langan, using focus groups, a student survey, and academic and attendance records. 

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