Advanced Summer College Institute @ Woodbury

Project GRAD Scholars in the Advanced Summer College Institute are exploring new skills through the study of architecture. This college-level course at Woodbury University is not just a survey of architecture and architectural styles but involves collaborative designing and building.

Inspired by an exhibition they visited last week at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Scholars wrote a two-page paper reflecting on contemporary and experimental architecture in Los Angeles.

This week, the class broke into several small teams to design models for a structure providing overhead shade. Scholars were encouraged to sketch out lots of ideas and pitch those to their teammates as part of the collaborative design process.

In only two weeks, these "rising" Juniors have practiced new skills such as peer critique, art criticism, and building models to scale. Next week, each team's model will be presented and voted on by the entire class. The winning design will then be constructed by the class.

Stay tuned to see how their final project turns out!

Thank you to our partner, Woodbury University, where the Advanced Summer College Institute is being held. Woodbury University, a federally-designated Hispanic Serving Institution, is highly ranked for its graduation rate of Latino students.

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