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Full name of organization: Educational Talent Search
Quick Description:
Best quality/Activity? : College counseling and college application assistance
# Of Students: 99 @SFHS, 592 in total
Benefits of joining? : Academic Advisement, Career &College exploration, College application assistance
How long has organization been running? : 10 years at CSUN, Nationwide 50 years
# of schools with organization: 15 around the valley
What activities do you do with the students? : College Field Trips and academic advisement 

Full name of organization: Educare Foundation
Quick Description: A non-profit that provides academic, enrichment and physical education for students after school
Best quality/Activity? : “We care for the well being of out students during and after the academic day” (Mirella Casias).
Best activity: Flokorico
# of Students: daily-roughly 129
Benefits of joining? : The ability to participate in activities which they might not be able to participate in during the school day
How long has organization been running? : 20 Years
# of schools with organization: 16 schools in LAUSD
What activities do you do with the students? : N/A 

Full name of organization: The Puente Project
Quick Description: This program is designed to help students go to college
Best quality/Activity: Puente Banquet at the end of the year to celebrate the academic year
# Of Students: About 120 students grades 9-12
Benefits of joining? : We offer a writing extensive program, 1 on 1 instruction, we faster leadership skills, and we take care of a student as a whole person
How long has organization been running? : Since 1981
# of schools with organization: 16 high schools
How many students that are in your organization go to college? : The last graduating cohort, 96% of the students were accepted to UC’s, CAL States, and privates, how ever only 54% enrolled

Full name of organization: Early Academic Outreach Program
Quick Description: Focuses on meeting with 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to help them go to college
Best quality/Activity? : Academic advising is one of the best qualities because everyone is very well trained on the services they provide.
# Of Students: there are 200 students, but will help anyone
Benefits of joining? : Offer Saturday advising academy programs also services for parents to discuss student’s progress
How long has organization been running? : Since 1976
# of schools with organization: Not in all LAUSD schools, only 58 High Schools and 22 Middle Schools
What activities do you do with the students? : 1 on 1 meeting to discuss grades and college requirements
How many students that are in your organization go to college? : 97% of the students in EAOP end up going to college

Project GRAD Los Angeles
Full name of organization: Project GRAD Los Angeles “Graduation Really Achieves Dreams”
Quick Description: We believe the transformative power of a college education ignites the full potential of first generation students, their families and their communities
Best quality/Activity? : Summer Institutes!
# Of Students: Everyone at SFHS can receive help from PGLA. We currently have over 270 PGLS student leaders
Benefits of joining? : We provide the academic enrichment, social-emotional learning and college knowledge students need for college success
How long has organization been running? : Since 1999
# of schools with organization: 4- SFHS, Arleta, Sylmar and CCLA and all colleges our current college scholars attend
What activities do you do with the students? : School year Monday-Thursday CSS/Student leadership, FAFSA Workshops after school plus weekends, SAT Prep, Summer Institutes, Unicamp and one on one College advising
How many students that are in your organization go to college? : 98% go onto post-secondary; 67% four-year institutions and 33% community college

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Upward Bound
Full name of organization: Upward Bound pacoima
Quick description: “we are a pre-collegrate program. Our main goal is to provide help to first generation and low income students in order for them to reach their goals”
Best quality/Activity: “our most popular activity is campus tours. We take our students on yours about 3-4 times a year.”
# of students: 62 students participatr in the program
Benefits of joinning:”We offer tutoring, career and college advising, campus tours, SAT bootcamp, summer program college classes, community service hours.”
How long has your organization been running ?: Upward Bound has been at SFHS since 2007
# of highschools with organization: 15 nation wide program
What activities do you do with the students?: tutoring mondays, wensdays and thursday after school as well as saturdays for extra events like saturday academy and community service.
How many students that are in your organization go to college?: “100% of our graduates attend a 4 year university after graduating from high school.” 

SFHS College Center
Full name of organization: College Center
Quick description: provide students with college related information and assist with college applications and information for college and careers
Best quality/activity: FASFA festival, get seniors financial aid
# of students: N/A
Benefits: N/A
How long has this organization been running : Ms. Tran 3 year in college center as a counselor
What activities are done with the students?: College applications, financial aid college, enhance exams (SAT , ACT) sign people up for college classes on campus, register for AP classes, help students find jobs, info on colleges conect people with college access organizations and college representatives and presentations
What can students come for?: any help involving AP classes/Tests , college classes and general help with college

Suggested College Majors


A Caution About Academic Probation

        Academic probation is a warning for when a student’s performance and grades fall below the institution’s requirements.

        Once you are in Academic Probation there are many consequences that come of it. You become ineligible to participate in sports and hold any office or representative position. This can also affect you by possible reduction of financial aid. If you continue to be academically inadequate then you will be dismissed from the college or university. 

        In order to avoid Academic Probation, you must receive no grade lower than a C, attend class, communicate with your teachers and academic advisor, and maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0.

        To get out of Academic Probation the first thing you have to do is go talk to your advisor or counselor in order  You will need to improve your GPA to at least a 2.0. To do this you will likely retake a course you received a letter grade of D or F and attend tutoring or office hours. You will also need to make sure that you receive a letter grade of C or higher for all your classes. 


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